Valley Of Flowers At Statue Of Unity

The Valley Of Flowers

You will find a beautiful valley of flowers just beside the Statue of Unity. The valley of flowers is a long passage of 17km welcoming all the guests when they visit the Statue of Unity. The valley has some really beautiful collections of flowers which are beautiful to look at.

This valley consists of over 100 different types of flower species united together to welcome their guests. The flowers are especially aligned in a way that it looks like a rainbow on earth! Some of the flowers are shrubs like Galtora (red and yellow), Champo (white), Gulmohar (red), Khakhro (red), climbers (Qualisis, Wadeliya, Allamandacathartica, and bamboos),  Pongaroa (red), Tecoma (yellow), Gramado (yellow and red),  Bougainvillea (white, red, yellow, and pink) Nerium and a lot more. The pathways also consist of colorful grasses for you to have an amazing view and enjoy the beauty of nature.

The first phase used 250 hectares of area to sow the flower seeds and later the flowers were grown in the area of 3000 hectares. This place has a drip irrigation system which helps maintain the entire flower species in a better and organized way.

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