Statue of Unity

How to reach the Statue of Unity and the Tent City

On 31st October 2018, India had caught the attention of the world byinaugurating the world’s tallest statue, the Statue of Unity. This statue was dedicated to the most beloved freedom fighter of the nation, Sardar Vallabhai Patel. The tourists from the various parts of the world throng to the state of Gujarat to get a view of this amazing marvel.

The statue stands proudly on the Sadhu Island which is situated near the Sardar Sarovar Dam. The connectivity to this statue had been established through a 3.5 km highway built on this island. The most interesting feature about this statue is that it houses a number of attractive places within it. Those places include a gallery, an exhibition hall, a museum and a selfie point. The tourists can reach the gallery through a lift which operates inside it. This gallery is located just near the chest of the statue. There is also an audio-visual presentation which showcases the life of the great leader and his contributions. The museum consists of a lot of catalogs depicting the life history of Sardar Vallabhai Patel.There is a tent city nearby with the area of 70000 square meters which provides you with a wonderful stay.

This architectural marvel can be reached easily from various cities through a number of national highways.It can ready accessed from the city of Vadodara which is present in the south-west direction. The city is just 100 km away from the statue. The people traveling from this city should first take the GJ SH 11 and then need to travel along GJ SH 63. This route would lead to the Statue of Unity Road.

It also has better connectivity with the famous cities of Mumbai and Ahmedabad which is located at a distance of 200 km and 420 km respectively.These cities are well connected with the rest of the world through air. If you are a person traveling from Ahmedabad, you should take NH 1 first and then have to depart from NH 48/NH 64. From there, you have to travel by GJ SH 11 and GJ SH 63 tillDevaliya. After reaching Devaliya, you should turn right to travel along NH953. This road will take you to the road leading to the Statue of Unity.

The tourists visiting the city from Mumbai have two options to travel to this place. The first one is through NH 48 and the second route is by NH 160.

  • The routethrough NH48: You should travel along NH 48 tillMulad and from there, you have to take GJ SH 64. After reaching Rajpipla, you must take NH953 which would pass byBrcBhavanVavdi, Nandodleading you to the Statue of Unity Road.
  • Route through NH160: You should travel by NH160 till you reach Dr.NanasahebDharmadhikari Marg in Amrutdham, Nashik. From there, you have to travel along a series of roads such as Saputara-Nasik Rd, Surgana Vani Link Road, Dalwat Link Rd, and UmbarthanRd. From there, you have to take NH360 in Ambabari. You should travel along NH360 till you reach Bhomapardi – KanjanRd. After this, you should take GJ SH 5 which would lead you to NH953. By traveling along NH953, you can reach the road which would take you to the Statue of Unity.

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