Cactus Garden At Statue Of Unity

The Cactus Garden

If you are a cactus lover and are curious to discover new things now and then, then the cactus garden is one of the best things you can visit. After your tour of the statue of unity, you can straightaway visit the cactus garden which is filled with 6 lacs plants! Amazing right? This botanical garden has an amazing entrance with a huge cactus waiting to welcome you inside. The thought behind creating a cactus garden in the middle of land is to give the visitors the experience of a desert ecosystem. With 6 lacs plants and 450 species of cactus waiting around for you to visit, this garden is spread across 25 acres of open land.

There is a huge variety of cactus and succulent species that represent both national and international boundaries. The best part about the garden is that it will give you a tour of about 17 countries and the cactus and succulent species available in the north and south America and African continents.

The garden also has an 8KW installed solar panel, erosion control panels which can prevent any harm to the land like soil erosion. It also has a nursery that produces grafted cacti and succulents.

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