Gujrat is a beautiful place and was always a spot that tourists were attracted to. Slowly, with recent developments, it has become a tourist hub. Amongst all the beautiful places to visit, the Statue of Unity is a must. Check out the official to look for the Statue of Unity package to make your vacation more comfortable.

Plan your Perfect Trip TO THE STATUE OF UNITY

The Statue of Unity is the Tallest Statue in the world, standing tall at a magnificent height of 182 meters, located in a small village of Kevadia in the Gujarat State of India. Built to pay tribute to the Iron Man of India,  Sardar Vallabhbhai Patel who helped in gaining the independence of India. He was the first Home Minister and Deputy Prime Minister of India. The Statue symbolises the unity, harmony and diversity of the country, making it unique in itself.

Timings and Tickets 

The Statue is open from Tuesday-Sunday but remains closed on Monday, so we advise you to plan your trip accordingly. There are various tickets such as Viewing gallery tickets and Express tickets in which you can skip the Que and visit the Statue of Unity directly. Keep in mind that the pricing of the statue of unity tickets varies.  

There are two ticket options available, for adults the price is  350 and for children between 3-15 years is 200. You can see the Observation Deck view, Memorial, Valley of Flower, SOU site, Museum and Audio Visual Gallery, and Sardar Sarovar Dam with this ticket. Booking timings are open all weekdays from 9 am to 6 pm and entry ticket charges are 120 and 60 for adults and children respectively. The bus ticket costs 30, but it is included in the Entry ticket or Observation Deck Ticket.

It is better to book your tickets online without any hassle and you can do so from the website.

All the things you Should Visit 

Built-in a spacious area, 200km away from Ahmedabad, it is easy to reach the statue of unity tent city

The Entrance of the Statue is beautiful and escalators lead towards the Statue Of Unity, but you could also take the walkway. After a long stretch of the walkway, we came near the Statue. Inside the Sardar Patel Statue complex, the government has also built 3-star hotels, shopping centres, and a research centre, that you could enjoy. There is a huge museum just below the Statue of Unity. Then you could go to the Viewing Gallery and enjoy the glorious views of the Narmada River. In the viewing gallery, you will find a supervisor who would provide you with knowledge and information about the Statue and also its backdrop. What you should definitely not miss out on is the magnificent feet of the statue. There is also a food mall inside the campus in case you get hungry as no outside food is allowed inside. Enjoy the beautiful view of the Narmada River and the Satpura and Vindhya hills.

What you should not miss out on is the projection mapping or the laser light show. Here, you get a detailed history and narration of the struggle for independence and freedom, and an insight into the life story of Sardar Vallabh Bhai Patel and how he helped the country. It is about a half an hour show, mainly during the evening, held once, every day. 

It is a wonderful experience and you can make beautiful memories on this trip, so plan your trip, either have a staycation or a one day trip, it is going to be a one of a kind experience.